11 most common jobs on workaway

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Workaway is a popular platform that connects volunteers with hosts from all around the world, offering an incredible opportunity to exchange work for accommodation, food, and cultural experiences.

The platform features a wide variety of job opportunities, making it an attractive choice for travelers with diverse skills and interests.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the 11 most common jobs listed on Workaway, helping you find the perfect match for your skills and passions. Let’s dive in!

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1. farming and gardening

1. farming and gardening

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One of the most popular job categories on Workaway is farming and gardening. Hosts often require assistance with tasks such as planting, harvesting, weeding, and general maintenance of their farms or gardens.

  • Learn sustainable farming practices
  • Experience rural life
  • Develop gardening skills

2. childcare and teaching

2. childcare and teaching

Many hosts are looking for volunteers with a passion for childcare and teaching. Tasks may include babysitting, tutoring, or providing assistance at local schools and learning centers.

3. hostel and guesthouse work

3. hostel and guesthouse work

Another common job category on Workaway is hostel and guesthouse work. Volunteers often help with reception duties, housekeeping, and general upkeep of the property.

  • Enhance customer service skills
  • Meet fellow travelers
  • Gain experience in the hospitality industry

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4. animal care

4. animal care

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For animal lovers, animal care is a popular option on Workaway. Volunteers may help with tasks such as feeding, grooming, and caring for animals at farms, sanctuaries, or rescue centers.

  • Connect with animals
  • Contribute to animal welfare
  • Learn about animal care and husbandry

5. construction and dIY projects

5. construction and diy projects

Hosts frequently seek help with construction and DIY projects on their properties. Volunteers might assist with building, painting, or carpentry tasks.

When I did a standard Workaway in Canada in 2022, my host had a lot of various DIY projects around the property for me including repainting her house, staining her woodshed, hauling firewood, painting bouys, and more.

  • Acquire practical construction skills
  • Contribute to meaningful projects
  • Exercise creativity and problem-solving abilities

6. language practice

6. language practice

Language practice is a popular job category on Workaway, with hosts seeking volunteers to teach or practice languages with them and their families.

  • Share your language skills
  • Improve your own language proficiency
  • Experience cultural exchange

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7. eco projects and permaculture

7. eco projects and permaculture

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Volunteers with an interest in sustainability and the environment will find many opportunities in eco projects and permaculture. Tasks may include working on organic farms, participating in eco-building projects, or assisting with environmental education initiatives.

  • Promote sustainable living
  • Gain hands-on experience in permaculture
  • Contribute to environmental conservation

8. cooking and meal preparation

8. cooking and meal preparation

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Many hosts need assistance with cooking and meal preparation, making this a popular job category on Workaway. Volunteers can share their culinary skills while learning about local cuisine and cooking techniques.

On every Workaway I’ve done to date, my hosts have had me prepare at least one meal per day. Sometimes, I was able to use existing cooking skills to prepare meals I know well, but for other hosts, they had specific dietary requirements or preferences, so they taught me how to prepare local meals I was less familiar with.

  • Discover new recipes and ingredients
  • Share your love for cooking
  • Immerse yourself in local food culture

9. art and cultural projects

9. art and cultural projects

Art and cultural projects offer a creative outlet for volunteers on Workaway. Tasks might include assisting with art workshops, contributing to mural projects, or helping with cultural events and festivals.

  • Express your creativity
  • Learn about local art and culture
  • Engage with the community

10. social and community work

10. social and community work

Volunteers interested in making a positive impact will find numerous opportunities in social and community work. Tasks may involve working at community centers, supporting local NGOs, or assisting with social initiatives.

  • Support local communities
  • Gain experience in social work
  • Foster connections with local residents

11. online and digital work

11. online and digital work

For tech-savvy volunteers, online and digital work is a growing job category on Workaway. Tasks might include website development, graphic design, social media management, or content creation.

  • Share your digital skills
  • Build your portfolio
  • Stay connected while traveling

finding the perfect workaway job for you

Workaway offers an incredible range of job opportunities, allowing you to find the perfect match for your skills, interests, and passions.

By exploring the 11 most common jobs listed on the platform, you can gain a better understanding of the diverse experiences that await you. No matter what you’re drawn to, there’s something for everyone on Workaway.

So, pack your bags, open your heart, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Happy travels!

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