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Copywriting provides writers with an excellent career option that gives them both independence and flexibility. But what is copywriting? Read on to learn more.

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Discover the joys and challenges of teaching ESL abroad as a solo female traveler. Learn about qualifications, opportunities, difficulties, and more!

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Traveling abroad can be so much fun, and you can really enrich your experience by learning a few keyphrases to boost your language skills.

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Discover why I’ve ditched Upwork for finding long-term clients and explore alternative freelancing avenues with top tips in this article.

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Trying to learn a new language can be challenging, but these five language learning tools I use make it a lot easier. Read on to learn what they are!

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Finding great cafes and co-working spaces to work from does have to be hard for digital nomads. Check out this checklist, and learn how I locate the best spots!

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Are you looking for top tech tools to get your freelance business up and running smoothly? Check out these 8 tools I use regularly for work, blogging, and more!

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Explore the world of travel photography from mastering composition to capturing the essence of a place, & learn how to refine, share, and improve your photos.

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Freelancing is one of many travel jobs that remote workers around the world use to fund their adventurous lifestyles. Learn about different freelancing jobs!

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Being able to travel and work from home can seem like such an out-of-reach dream for so many, but freelance work and remote opportunities are available to help!

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Traveling the world, working as a digital nomad can be so fun, but what’s in a digital nomad’s workbag while they’re on the go? Check out this list to find out!

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Digital nomads can work anywhere if they have a computer and a wifi connection. If you’re looking for more, learn how to find coworking spaces around the world!

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Finding reliable wifi while traveling can be difficult. Fortunately, there are several options that can help from tethering to using wifi finder apps and more.

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Being able to work from anywhere is an appealing job quality to many people. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of digital nomadism to see if it’s right for you.